Friday, September 13, 2013

New Shoes

Little man has new shoes!!

Shoe shopping can be a bit stressful for us. Little man has very big, wide feet and most shoes do not fit him. We were only able to find one pair in all of Nordstoms that fit! SOLD! He is wearing size 9 XW from Saucony (Stride Rite). The sales lady told me that the average 3.5 year old boy wears a size 9 and that 2 year olds typically wear a size 7. Little man JUST turned 2. He has giant feet!!

We had to buy new shoes for three reasons. The first and most obvious: he is a growing boy! His KEEN sandals were size 8.5 and his "beach shoes" were size 8! Secondly, our weather is starting to cool down, especially at night, which means there is dew on the grass in the morning. Sandals are not great for cold, wet weather. I think little man is more of a sneakers-kid than a sandals-boy. The sandals were great for summer though, they are waterproof and great for the sandbox. I particularly liked the KEEN brand because they are made of thick rubber and protect his toes while giving good arch support. Lastly, we needed sneakers because little man has his first soccer practice on Saturday!! We needed new tennis shoes (not sandals or beach shoes) to help us run fast and kick the ball! Here is a video of him running in his new shoes:

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