Thursday, January 29, 2015

Popsicles From the Doc

We went to the doctor's for baby girl's shots and the very next day little man came down with a fever. He was still not feeling well a few days later so we took a trip back to the doctors. They thought it might be strep (which it wasn't) and gave him (and baby sister) a popsicle while they waited for the results. Turns out he has some version of the flu. Not fun. But both kids were so thrilled with the popsicles you would've thought they were made of solid gold!! Little man talked about it the rest of the day, "...and THEN, she gave me a RED popsicle!!"

Baby girl ate the entire thing then threw her head back and drank the juice at the bottom! I think it felt good on her teething gums. I still have some in the freezer leftover from this summer. I suppose it's time to break them out! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Well Baby Check

We took baby girl in last week for a Well Baby Check and to get some shots, four to be exact! I was really dreading it but she bounced back fine. 

She was just over 23 lbs and 31" tall. That puts her in the 84th percentile for weight and 81 percentile for length/height. She is growing up so fast! She met all of her milestones and is absolutely perfect! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Zoo Friends

The golf club had a special event for kids and the zoo visited! They brought great animals for the kids to see! They brought a serval (African cat), some type of mini African fox, a penguin and a cougar cub. I can't remember the others but there were probably ten animals total (and no reptiles thank goodness!) They walked them up and down the aisles and we were so close to them! Afterwards the kids were able to pet an armadillo and baby kangaroo! Baby girl was SO excited during the presentation I actually had to take her to the back of the room!! She was squealing and shrieking, she was so excited! She wanted to pet the serval! Little man was in awe during the presentation and he talked about it for days afterwards!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

First Dentist Appointment

Little man had his first trip to the dentist! He loved it! He was a little unsure about the chair leaning back while he sat on it but was great at getting his teeth cleaned! The hygentist asked him what flavor of toothpaste he wanted and she rattled of a dozen flavors: strawberry, watermelon, cookie dough ....he chose grape! That would've been my very last choice!! But he liked it. He chose cotton candy flavored fluoride and said it tickled his teeth!

We went to a pediatric dentist and I am glad we did! When we first walked into the waiting room there was a giant pirate ship playground! We also played a bit before we left :) 

He also got to choose a prize, a tooth brush and had his picture taken with a giant bear at which point baby girl tried to steal the show! She loves a photo op! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Took the kids too a trampoline bounce house for toddler time. Both loved it! There were a bunch of trampolines and a foam pit!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Courtesy of Christmas

The kids have been loving all of their Christmas presents!! They have played with each and every one over the past month. Here's some evidence...

Christmas Balloons

The day after Christmas I took the kids to the grocery store and they gave us free Christmas balloons! They were thrilled!! They had so much fun playing with them the entire way home!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas morning! The kids woke up (very) early and were thrilled to see what Santa left for us!

The cowboy boots were a big hit! 

The fire fighter outfit (from my sister) has been one of his favorites! 

After all of the excitement at home, we jumped in the car and headed to brunch at my in-laws and more presents!! Then we went over to my parents for a big lunch and then back to my in-laws for supper! A busy but great day!! 

Here is little man finding his stocking at my in laws house. He loved the train around the Christmas tree! We didn't get any pics the rest of the day!! I think we were too busy opening presents and eating tons of Christmas cookies!!

Christmas Eve

We spent Chrismas Eve at my parents' house with one of my sisters and my parents' new puppy. The kids loved the puppy and opening all of their presents!! 

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