Thursday, January 29, 2015

Popsicles From the Doc

We went to the doctor's for baby girl's shots and the very next day little man came down with a fever. He was still not feeling well a few days later so we took a trip back to the doctors. They thought it might be strep (which it wasn't) and gave him (and baby sister) a popsicle while they waited for the results. Turns out he has some version of the flu. Not fun. But both kids were so thrilled with the popsicles you would've thought they were made of solid gold!! Little man talked about it the rest of the day, "...and THEN, she gave me a RED popsicle!!"

Baby girl ate the entire thing then threw her head back and drank the juice at the bottom! I think it felt good on her teething gums. I still have some in the freezer leftover from this summer. I suppose it's time to break them out! 

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