Friday, March 14, 2014

Phase 1 Completed

We are moving to Columbus, Ohio for the hubby's job! We have moved a lot (I think this will be our twelfth move) but this is the first move with two kids! 

Phase 1 was to move me and the kids to Ohio. Success! We boarded a One-way, nonstop flight and voila! Here we are! 

I can't say that it was easy with all of the luggage and car seats but the flight itself was a piece of cake. Again, the day before we left we deprived little man of his favorites: tv and iPad. So once on the plane we reintroduced them along with apple juice and Oreos. Pure happiness (and peace and quiet!). 

Next up: 
Selling the house. 
Move into temporary housing. 
Buying a house & moving in. 

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