Saturday, April 26, 2014

5 Months

5 Months old already! 

I know I've said this every month but I really can't believe how much she's grown and how fast this time goes by! 

This month was a big one for her since we had both her baptism and Easter! 

She has completely mastered rolling over, pushing up and even pushing back! 

She is loving rice cereal, bananas and mum-mums (rice teething crackers). She's still not to keen on the pacifier though! 

Her hair is lightening up and growing longer. It's still so fine that bows slip right out! 

She is wearing size 9 months now! Her eyes have lightened up and are a bright blue. 

She has been really into her toys this past month. She loves chewing on them and always manages to find the tag. 

Her favorite toy is still her brother. She giggles whenever he looks her way. She thinks his dinosaur RAWR is hilarious and laughs and laughs. 

She also loves her jumperoo. She is a wild woman in it! 

She is our sweet and happy girl! 

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