Monday, June 30, 2014

7 months

Last week little miss thing turned 7 months! It was a big month for her! She really took off crawling and has also started clapping her hands! She doesn't have any teeth yet and we keep thinking one will pop through any day! She is chattering with lots of ba ba ba's. Her favorite game to play is peekaboo, especially with her brother. She likes to play in her basket of toys, taking them all out one by one. She giggles at everything. She is such a happy and easy going baby. She's never fussy and is still sleeping like a champ all night, with two long naps during the day. She is eating lots of baby food. Her favorite one is a mix of brocoli pears and peas. She still loves going for walks in the stroller and taking her baths in the kitchen sink. She also loves the swimming pool! Her hair has gotten so long! We can put a little barrette in it, which is just the sweetest thing ever! She still gets a bottle before bed and every night she dramatically covers her face with her hand. She has so much personality and I love seeing her grow into a sweet little girl. I can't wait to see what the next month holds for her :)

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