Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beautiful Bride + A New Uncle

My younger sister got married over the weekend! The whole wedding was just beautiful, especially the bride! The guy she married is awesome and we are so excited to have him as an uncle! 

The ceremony and reception took place in Michigan. I was Matron of Honor and little man was (just the cutest) ring bearer. The hubs was also a groomsman. He was actually the one who set them up together. 

My sister was a stunning bride. Simply, beautiful! We haven't gotten the actual wedding photos back but here is a sneak peek of some that we took. 

Little man was the funniest ring bearer. When the doors opened for him to walk down the aisle, he missed the aisle and was walking behind the chairs! My dad got him on the right path and then he took slow, giant marching steps (we had been telling him not to run!) 

Congrats to the happy couple!!! 

...next up: these two in March 2015! 

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