Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving!

Tonight we carved pumpkins and it was so fun! Little man has been very excited to "make a spooooooky jack-o-lantern" and baby girl just loves everything. 

The large pumpkin we picked up at the farmers market (after forgetting to bring one home from the pumpkin patch... I don't know how it happened!) and the little pumpkin we brought home last week from the preschool field trip to the farm. (It was fun but 2.5 hours of freezing cold.) We decided to make the baby pumpkin for baby girl. 

We scooped the goop in the kitchen. Little man was excited and baby girl loved it! She wanted her own spoon, tried to scoop, liked to look inside the pumpkin and giggled the entire time. She giggles all of the time!! Such a happy little girl. (Yes, she is already wearing Thanksgiving pajamas.)

Little man wanted his pumpkin to be scary and we added a bow on baby girl's. We put candles in them before heading to bed (notice the sleepy faces). Trick or Treat is tomorrow, Thursday, and our costumes are ready!

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