Friday, April 3, 2015

15 Months

 Last month, baby girl turned 15 months! I think this might be my favorite age so far. She walks. She runs. She climbs. She hugs. She kisses. She talks and talks and talks. She is so sweet and really fun!

We understand a few of her words which is exciting! She says yes, mama, dada, cheese, juice, na-night, hi and bye. She also says thanks, puppy, kitty, shoes, eyes, ut oh, woah, and "tickle tickle!" 

She can climb onto the couch and can open the pantry door to look for a snack. She can go up and down the stairs. If we say we are going to go somewhere she runs to find her shoes. 

Her favorite foods are milk, cheese, grapes, blueberries, chips and juice boxes. She loves to read books, especially books about kitties, puppies, babies or Frozen. Her favorite thing to watch on tv is Frozen. She dances to all of the songs. She sings and twirls. She also sings to the Frozen soundtrack in the car! 

She is a happy little girl. Always laughing a deep belly laugh. She likes to play chase and hide & seek with her brother. She giggles the entire time, it is so sweet!! The two of them play so nicely together! 

She also likes to play puzzles and play with the shape sorters. It's amazing to see her learn more and more! She can find body parts like her eyes, nose, mouth, hair, belly, toes. She likes to play with her babies, play doctor, and play in her kitchen where she serves coffee and tea! She also loves to help me clean! 

At her 15 month doctor appointment she was 31.75" (76 percentile) and 23 lb 5 oz (72 percentile). She is a growing girl!! 

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