Monday, August 19, 2013

Celebrating TWO

We had a wonderful day celebrating little man's second birthday!! 

We started out with a candle in pancakes.

When he woke up and came into the kitchen he was surprised (and very excited!) to see balloon and dinosaur garland. My mother in law and I put these up the night before and they turned out great!! 

His first present of the day was waiting for him when he woke up... A hot dog and pizza grill with two small benches sent from my parents. He loved it and played with it all morning! 

After his morning nap he got his next gift, a sandbox (from my in-laws) which he also loved!! We added in a dump truck, some rocks and a dinosaur and little man couldn't have been happier!! I think the remainder of our summer will be spent 
a) in the sandbox 
b) sweeping sand (from the sandbox) out of the kitchen!! 

Next up: lunch and cake! We had a chocolate on chocolate cake from the best bakery in town and it was amazing! As soon as little guy saw it he reached forward and snagged a finger full of frosting! 

After cake comes presents! 

...then we headed outside to play with a new water table! 

After about ten minutes, the clothes were off! 

And one last present before bed... A trike! 

What a fun and special day!! Little man certainly enjoyed himself and ALL of his presents. 

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