Monday, August 12, 2013

Front Door & Stairway Updates

Where did the weekend go?!  I feel like I blinked and it was over.  We spent Saturday furniture shopping (we have a lot of furniture to buy to fill our new house) and we spent Sunday grocery shopping, Target shopping, mowing the lawn and taking it easy. We have a big week ahead of us.  My in-laws are coming to visit and little man's birthday is on Saturday!  He turns TWO!! 

Here are two mini-projects I have wanted to share.  The front door update I did a little while back and the stairway frames were put up on Sunday. 
For the front door, I added an "H" to the wreath as a way to change it up a little.

I picked up a wooden letter H at Joann Fabrics for $3, spray painted it silver and attached it with floral wire. 

Pretty simple!

I also (finally) added some frames to our stairway! Usually, I don't like a cluttered, mismatched look... but I will make an exception for gallery walls!

I had no idea how I wanted to arrange my frames so I traced them on newspapers and numbered them to help keep track of which template went with each frame. I taped up the newspaper templates and rearranged a few times. I think I still may tweak it a bit and plan to add a few more, smaller photos as our family grows (grows in numbers and grows in height!). Eventually, I would love to have the entire wall filled, all of the way to the floor, and extend onto the hallway walls also. 

(I'm not sure why the walls look green in the in-progress newspaper photo. The walls are a nice, light shade of beige).

I can't wait to add photos once our baby girl is born.  Ohhh, newborn pictures are the sweetest!

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