Friday, November 15, 2013

My Bags Are Packed!

**Baby Watch Update: nothing yet. 6 days until due date. Little man was born 5 days before his due date so I think it really could happen any day!** 

My bags are packed and ready to go. Who are we kidding... they have actually been ready for quite some time now! Here is what I have packed...

Clothes for me and baby girl: 
-Swaddle blankets, burp cloths, hats, headbands, socks, mittens, sleepers and a gown. 
-Nursing tanks, robe, sweat pants, jeans, long sleeved tee and a sweater (plus socks and underwear!)

Bag for toiletries:
-Prenatal vitamins, hair dryer & straightener & 3 cosmetic bags including all make up, shower supplies, contact solution, deodorant,hair brush, hair ties etc. 

Snack bag for the boys: 
When little man was born the hubs didn't want to leave our hospital room to go get food for himself. I had packed snacks for that stay and I wanted to do the same for this one. Plus a bag of goldfish can give us 15 minutes of uninterrupted silence with little man!! 

Little Man's Busy Bag: 
Originally, I had planned on using these items to keep LM busy during our hospital stay. I thought we would be taking him with us for the entire time but I now have my Mother In Law to watch him while we have the baby and then my parents are taking over after that. I plan to bring this bag to the hospital to keep him occupied when he comes to see his new sister (just in case he loses interest in the baby). If we end up not needing everything in the bag I figured I would throw it in his stocking! 
-Big brother shirt, big brother book, wrapped Christmas present (it's a Melissa & Doug puzzle), plastic tools, notebook, crayons, stickers, dry erase toy, toothbrush & toothpaste (LM loves to brush his teeth and would do it for an hour if we let him!!) 

Folder for papers: 
This is a simple accordion folder that I have labeled to help us keep track of all of baby girl's medical papers for the first year. I've labeled the sections: Dr visit, shot records, important docs, and pamphlets. 

I also have thank you gift bags for the nurses:

We have the car seat ready and I also have a list of last minute items (phone charger, tooth brush, etc). Of course the hubs can't pack until his bag until 5 minutes before we walk out the door. We are so opposite sometimes!! 

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