Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ohio Visit

We spent last week in Ohio! I was pretty worried about a plane ride (with a connection) and both littles but they couldn't have been better! 
I opted to skip the stroller and put little munchkin in the moby wrap. She loved it and slept through most of our traveling! I could not believe how good the littles were both there and back. They were polite and cheerful. There were no tears and no potty accidents despite all four flights being delayed. 
The days before we left, I deprived little man of his iPad and tv. So he was thrilled to be able to watch his shows and play games on the plane. 
We had a nice visit in OH. The babies were spoiled by their grandparents (as always) ...playing in the snow, eating chips, ice cream and of course lots of attention!

The babies with my husbands grandma:

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