Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mom's Day at Preschool

I was invited to a special Mom's Day event at preschool and it was so fun and sweet! Little man was SO excited for me to come to school with him! It was the first thing he said to me when he woke up! He had made me a special invitation and wanted to wear his favorite shirt! 

We started out by going to Bible class with our preschoolers. They loved having us in there with them! 

Then we went into their classroom for a special song the sang for us. He was so excited he danced the entire time in addition to singing and sign language! We were also given an All About My Mom form they filled out and it was so funny to hear what our little ones think about us. My favorite line was that little man thinks my favorite thing to do is make breakfast! 

Lastly, we headed to the cafeteria for a special treat of cheese, crackers and strawberries! He also presented me with a bookmark that he strung beads onto. A keepsake for sure! It was such a fun and special day for us!! 

Here are the Valentines he handed out to his friends! They loved the goldfish crackers of course! 

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