Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Puppy Love Found Out

Little man has a stuffed animal that is his favorite. He is named "Puppy." He sleeps with Puppy every night, asking us to cover Puppy up and also to give Puppy a kiss and a hug goodnight. He often reminds us never to touch Puppy's head (something he was taught about babies when his sister was born). He never lets anyone hold Puppy but of course baby girl is always trying to steal him away. 

One morning while little man was at preschool, little miss thing found Puppy and was hugging and kissing him. She was so cute and sweet yet still had a look in her eyes like she knew she was getting away with something. I snapped a few pics to semd to the hubs, I knew he would find it funny.

A few weeks later, I was letting little man flip through the photos on my phone. He loves to see pictures of himself and it will entertain him in a pinch. He sees the pictures of his sister and Puppy and stops, no longer smiling. "What.is.this?!" He asks me in a very accusatory tone. I start to stammer... He looks right at me and says "Mom, I do not like these pictures. This upsets me a lot. It's not nice. Please do not let this happen ever again!" 

Eek! I had been found out! Lesson learned. No more rendezvous between Puppy and sister!! 

Here are the guilty pics that got me caught!! 

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